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Chris Brown Announces New Single “Warm Embrace” and Teases 2022 Tour

Chris Brown hasn't released an album or embarked on a tour for quite some time, but this week he made a major announcement to fans.

Breezy announced a new single titled “Warm Embrace” on his Instagram account on Tuesday (March 15). The post shows the cover art, which features two people embracing against a psychedelic background with the song playing in the background.

“APRIL 1st (NO JOKE) Is this the BREEZY you’ve been waiting for?,” he wrote in the caption.

The 32-year-old then announced his tour plans on his Instagram Story on Wednesday (March 16). There was no word on actual dates, but he did say he would be bringing along an unnamed special guest.

“TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT SOON,” he wrote. “Me and [eyes emoji]… Finna f**k the summer up.”

The rapper is gearing up to release his tenth studio album Breezy, and he's already got a single out, "Iffy."

“THIS GONNA BE MY 10th album,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “The amount of songs on this one will be the same amount of songs as my first album. KEEP IT CLASSIC… Chris Brown to BREEZY!”

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