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Chris Rock Breaks His Silence On The Will Smith Academy Awards Slap Incident

At Chris Rock's sold-out show in Boston, Chris finally breaks his silence after being slapped by Will Smith during the 2022 Oscar award show.

In the audio clip posted by a Twitter user who attended the show, you can hear the 57-year-old comedian saying, "I don't have a bunch of s--- to say about that." He then joked with the crowd that he had previously written his latest stand-up show well in advance of the Oscars and then proceeded to say, “I'm still kind of processing what happened."

Check out the full audio click below:

At the Boston show many audience members repeatedly yelled out, “Sue him, Chris, sue him,” but Chris proceeded with his show and didn’t mention anything else about the iconic slap.

Also check out the full Will Smith and Chris Rock slap incident from the 2022 Oscar Academy Awards down below if you missed it:

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