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The Weekend's 32nd Birthday Party Included Drake, Future, Kaytranada & More

After having to wait a few days to celebrate his 32nd birthday properly, The Weeknd and a few of his famous friends decided to celebrate in Vegas on Saturday (February 19).

In a casino theme party, the Canadian singer invited a who's who of stars to toast him, including Drake, Future, and fellow Canadian Kaytranda. During the performance, Drake gave a toast to his "brother" who had entered the spotlight with House of Balloons and "The Crew" from the 6 God's Take Care album in 2011.

Drake said, "I've been there since the beginning.". “And I’m grateful not only to be here with my brothers but grateful that family is back here together again, where we belong. From the greatest city in the world.”

The Weeknd is celebrating after he landed another Top 10 album on the Billboard 200 chart with Dawn FM. It was executive produced by Quincy Jones and features Jim Carrey, Lil Wayne, and Tyler, The Creator.

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