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Conway the Machine Admits to Not Reading His Contract When He Signed With Griselda Records

While signing with Griselda, Conway the Machine hadn't thoroughly read his paperwork.

He admitted that he didn't read his contract in a new interview with The Breakfast Club, “When we did that shit in the beginning, I really wasn’t all the way… I’mma keep it a buck. I didn’t even read that contract, bro. I didn’t read that shit—I just signed that shit and moved on. Unfortunately, the contract wasn’t in my favor. So now, going forward, it’s time to redo all that. I gotta make sure it’s in my favor now.”

He continued, saying he will still “wave the Griselda flag regardless because… I was hands-on with that. Me and [Westside Gunn]. We can figure something out, which I’m sure we will.”

When Charlamagne tha God asked Conway if he was persuaded to sign the contract without a lawyer because of money, Conway replied, "I didn't get no money,"

He described his three contracts with Shady Records, Interscope, and Griselda as "some pocket change.".

Charlamagne followed up, asking, “Everybody ate but you?” to which Conway said, “Pretty much.”

After Angela Yee asked how Conway was able to "trust people" after his experience, Conway replied, he "don't."

He continued by saying that he does not trust even Westside Gunn anymore: “I don’t trust nobody no more. I trust that it’ll be all business. That’s what I trust. I trust me… I tried it the other way and got nothing out of it.”

Despite it all, Conway said that it “was all love.”

See the full interview below.


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