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Cordae Hilariously Responds to a Fan's College Tuition Request: "Hell No, You Thought I Was Lil Uzi"

Lil Uzi Vert proved he's one of Hip Hop's most generous acts when he promised to pay a fan's $90,000 college tuition when they graduated in 2019. Cordae, however, doesn't quite want to go the same lengths for his listeners.

On one of his concerts, one fan in the crowd held up a sign that read "Pay my college tuition" during the rapper's performance in Phoenix, Arizona as part of his From a Bird's Eye View Tour.

The Maryland native didn't think twice about not wanting to foot the bill. “N-gga, hell no!” he replied as the crowd erupted in laughter. “Boy, you thought I was Lil Uzi or something? Shit!”


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