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Cryptic Kanye West contract post explained by PUSHA T

The rapper caused some confusion last month when he posted a note thanking Kanye West for signing with G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam. Earlier this week (February 17), King Push gave his first interview in over two years when he sat down with Complex's Speedy Mormon to discuss his record deal, upcoming album, and so much more.

“Actually, the contract was just [Kanye] signing over my profits from my back-catalog and the profits for this album as well,” Kanye explained. “Just straight to me. It wasn’t anything bad… He was just like, ‘Nah, you take the money.’ If that don’t show you that that’s your bro, I don’t know what else gon’ show you… It was very honorable.”

The rapper has confirmed he'll always be with G.O.O.D. Music, but is unsure about his future with Def Jam after this contract, which will culminate in the release of his anticipated 2022 project, which will be titled It's Not Dry Yet. Push announced that the album will be released in two to three months.

Steven Victor, Pusha T's manager, confirmed that Push now owns his own masters.

He's still signed to G.O.O.D. Music, but he's not at Def Jam anymore, Victor explained. "This is his last album on Def Jam," Victor said. I'm just saying he fulfilled his contract obligations with Def Jam, so we might re-sign with them. Def Jam might re-sign him, but the point is that he's still with Kanye, regardless of where his next project takes him. He'll continue to work with Kanye.”

Pusha started the It's Not Dry Yet campaign with the Kanye West-assisted "Diet Coke" released earlier this year. Jim Jones and Fabolous even co-signed his "Diet Coke" freestyle. The Neptunes produced half the album, while Yeezy handled the other half.


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