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Dame Dash Talks Legal Issues With Jay-Z, Says Online Algorithms Contribute to Deadly Rap Feuds

It's no secret that Damon Dash and Jay-Z have had issues for some time, the most recent of which has to do with Dame's attempt to market Hov's Reasonable Doubt album as an NFT.

Dame addressed the issue in a new interview with Shannon Sharpe for Club Shay Shay. “He sued me for something he said that I did that I didn’t, and then I just had to sue him because he was redirecting funds for Reasonable Doubt,” Dame said around the 44:35 mark above. “I didn’t realize it. I would never sue somebody I used to hustle with—I’m not into suing anybody. I was disappointed. I think it’s embarrassing.”

He continued, “You know, again, the program is when two Black people used to work together and now they don’t, then they gotta be beefin’. I’m not beefin’ with that man—I don’t care what he’s doing. I don’t like the way he carried things but that’s on him. He went his way, I went mine.”

A part of the conversation was Dame's discussion of feuds between rappers, which she attributes to the algorithms on social media and streaming platforms.

“It’s an algorithm that needs to be stopped,” he said around 51:30. “If you like to look at trolling and beef and it pops up on your phone. The algorithms are what’s controlling us right now. … It’s a program, it’s knowing how to trigger people and it’s profitable [from] our dysfunction.”

“YouTube should stop paying when people put up beef,” he argued. “Instead of people paying attention to a negative algorithm, they should pay attention to a positive one. It’s just the program that we keep falling into. … What needs to be profitable is our love and our unity, and that’s what has to be showcased. But no one shows that.”

He added, “Family killing family instead of your real enemy is your real enemy tricking you to do that. And we’re aware of it, but we keep doing it. My rule of thumb is: I’m not hurting anybody with the same color skin as me, period.”


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