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Damon Dash Loses Film Rights Battle & Ordered to Pay $805k to Director and Production Company

Damon Dash isn't going to like the verdict; he'll have to pay over $800,000 to the director and producer of a movie he tried to claim.

Documents obtained by TMZ indicate Dash took the loss on Wednesday at the hands of director Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures, which produced "Dear Frank" starring Brian White, Claudia Jordan, Nick Turturro, Lil Durk and Columbus Short.

Roc-A-Fella co-founder Dash got sued by the filmmakers 3 years ago for copyright infringement and defamation after he tried to market and advertise the movie as his own... even after he was dropped from the project.

They say Dame sent promotional materials for the film to outlets like BET but changed the title to "The List."

Josh and Muddy Waters claimed Damon was not fit to direct the film because he was often high on set while filming his Sherman Oaks home.

In 2018, they cut him from the film and completed it without him. Dimon fired back, claiming that the movie was filmed at his house using his equipment before they stole the footage and worked on it without him.

The jury disagreed, and now Dame is stuck with a hefty bill. The plaintiffs' lawyer Chris Brown tells TMZ, "I will get every penny due to my clients."

The Dash camp has been contacted for a comment, but no response has yet been received.


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