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Deshaun Watson's Deposition Footage Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surfaces

Video of Deshaun Watson's deposition surfaced recently. The NFL player was being questioned about allegations that he sexually assaulted numerous female massage therapists.

A deposition was taken in Texas and questions regarding the allegations were asked of the quarterback. Excerpts of the deposition were picked up by FOX 8 in Cleveland, the city where Watson’s current team is located. Watson was asked a question during the deposition. “You don’t remember that she said she wasn’t gonna go to a hotel room with you?” in reference to one of the allegations. Watson replied, “I don’t remember that.”

Watson was also asked why he reached out to massage therapists via Instagram for appointments and why he allegedly drove 30 minutes outside of town to get rubbed down at a woman's mother's home. Following news that Watson would not be charged for alleged sexual misconduct with female massage therapists, the clips emerged. Watch the clip below.

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