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Dj Khaled Records His 4th Platinum Record With 'khaled Khaled'

Another one for DJ Khaled. Earlier this week, the multiplatinum DJ received another platinum plaque in the mail, this time for his project Khaled Khaled 2021. Taking to Instagram to announce the honor, he wrote multiple posts to commemorate the award.

“I wanna thank you in advance cause my next post I’m so grateful for it and it’s such a big accomplishment that y’all did for me and I appreciate it and I’m grateful and I’mma show you that I am,” he wrote on the first of what will be 12 posts to celebrate Khaled Khaled’s platinum status.

“Khaled Khaled officially platinum, they don’t want me to have another platinum album. Khaled Khaled officially platinum, RIAA certified, fan love I love you,” Khaled said several posts later, showing off the plaque before popping a bottle of champagne on his front lawn. “We platinum again baby.”

Khaled now has four platinum records under his belt with this latest certification, another milestone he celebrated with a separate post.

“This right here is what we worked so hard for,” Khaled wrote in the caption. “Having 4 BACK TO BACK ALBUMS Officially Certified Platinum and double platinum – man this ain’t regular!! And #FANLUV trust me I got more. They don’t want you to be successful – so ima make sure I become a BILLIONAIRE.”


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