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Drake Bets $100,000 on the Duke Blue Devils to Defeat North Carolina

Ahead of the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels NCAA game on Saturday, Drake revealed that he bet $100,000 CAD on the losing team.

Drizzy revealed the sizable bet on the NCAA Final Four match last night, sharing a screenshot of said bet in the Stake app (which he partnered with in 2021). If the team won, he would have made $52,000 CAD from the game. Unfortunately for him, however, they did not.

"I'm a Wildcat for life but I'm riding with @getfadedinc team for this one," he wrote alongside the screenshot, noting his fandom of the University of Kentucky’s team. The Blue Devils lost 81-77 to the Tar Heels, a long-standing rival of the team. The game was coach Mike Krzyzewski’s last in his 47-year career.

Drake’s wager on the game wasn’t his only major bet he’s made recently, although he fared worse here than usual. He bet a total of $1.26 million on Super Bowl LVI earlier this year, and he ended up taking home $1.4 million in total. His three bets included around $472,364 on the Rams to win outright (payout: $713,244); $393,636 on Beckham Jr. having more than 62.5 receiving yards (payout: $712,457); and $393,636 on OBJ to score at least one TD (payout: $846,288).

He’s also recently gotten into the world of sports card collecting, which isn’t far off from betting since some of the rarest cards are worth millions of dollars. During a recent card opening stream, Drizzy cracked open some packs and was greeted with a rare 1986 Fleer MJ rookie card, which could be worth anywhere between $50,000 to $700,000 depending on its condition.

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