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Drake Credited With Fixing Internet Connection For Boi-1da's Hometown in Canada : '[Goat] Behavior'

Drake and Boi-1da are one of the most successful rapper-producer duos of the last decade. Their hits include "God's Plan," "Know Yourself," "0 to 100," and several more. Despite their long and fruitful partnership, Boi-1da's home base of Pickering, Ontario, has had poor Internet service, until now.

In an Instagram post, the City of Pickering announced Tuesday (March 29) that they've finally solved Boi-1da's Internet woes by bringing pure fibre broadband to rural areas - thanks in part to Drake's advocacy.

“Drake’s call for better Internet in Pickering is answered!” read the announcement, with a photo of Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan hanging out with Boi-1da at his studio. “Remember when Drake called on the ‘Mayor of Pickering’ to fix Internet connectivity issues where his regular producer, Boi1da, lives and works?”

“Well, as a result of the City of Pickering’s advocacy for broadband and Bell Canada’s recent expansion of pure fibre Internet in Pickering’s hamlets and rural areas, Grammy award-winning producer, Boi1da, can now collaborate with top music artists like Drake, Eminem, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Jack Harlow directly from his home studio here in north Pickering.”

Drake and Boi-1da shared the post on their Instagram Stories, with the OVO Sound producer tagging Champagne Papi and writing “[GOAT] behavior.”

Back in July 2019, The 6 God took to his Instagram Stories to call on the mayor of Pickering to improve the city's Internet connection after Boi-1da had trouble sending him music.

“Can the mayor of Pickering set up some stronger wifi towers so @boi1da can be able to send me all his his newest beats??” he pleaded. “Trying to cook up. Thanks.”

The City of Pickering responded just a few days later with a Drake pun-filled Instagram post, promising to improve its Wi-Fi and bring "fast and reliable" Internet to its residents.

“Hey @champagnepapi /Drake/Drizzy/6ixGod, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – I’m responding on behalf of @mayordaveryan and @cityofpickering,” the post read. “I’m Upset that @boi1da was having trouble with our public WiFi. It’s the Best I Ever Had, so I’m not sure why Matt couldn’t link up proper.

“You Searching For Answers I Do not Know Nothing. Maybe it’s because 1,000 residents use our WiFi every single day? Our Wifi access points are very Successful and Make Me Proud. We Started from the Bottom, and Now We Here with 65 WiFi access points installed across Pickering in City facilities and some prime public areas. We look to deploy more WiFi access points, so in a couple of years, you’ll be able to go 0 to 100 Real Quick.”

The post continued, “We’re also working on expanding and strengthening Pickering’s broadband network so there will be fast and reliable internet service whether it’s in Matt’s crib or Marvin’s Room. Shout out to 6Dad @normkelly who Boi1da reached out to. Norm personally called Mayor Ryan this morning to see if he could help. The 6ix & Pickering is a collab that’s just Too Good. Take Care.”

Drake isn't the only one contributing to faster Internet speeds for Ontarians. He offered to save Randy's Patties, a beloved Jamaican food staple in his hometown of Toronto, from closing its doors earlier this year.

In February, the establishment announced its imminent closure following more than 40 years in business “years of endless Metrolinx construction, 2 years of COVID, labour shortages and ageing owners.”

After learning of the news, Drake jumped on Instagram and declared, “I’ll buy Randy’s right now.” It's unclear whether Drizzy followed through on his promise.


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