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Drake Drops $200k on Basketball Trading Cards

Drake is now playing the trading card game. A lucrative market that has grown rapidly in recent years, and the 6 God is always on the lookout for potential investment opportunities, especially when it involves something he is passionate about such as sports.

Drizzy showed off his 14-box purchase on Tuesday (March 15), saying he's "on a triple logoman hunt."

ESPN baseball analyst Kiley McDaniel provided some context for Drizzy's latest acquisition. Each NBA Flawless box contains 10 basketball trading cards, which means that the 140 cards picked up are worth over $200,000.

New to this year's set of trading cards is the Triple Logoman Drake Drake is referring to. Zion Williamson Logomans sold last year for $233,700. One holy grail Drizzy might be searching for is the Logoman of his good friend and NBA legend LeBron James

The Toronto Raptors ambassador is a huge fan of the NBA and a friend of Philadelphia 76ers owner Michael Rubin, who is a huge advocate for the trading card industry. The trading card market has seen a major boom throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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