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Drake Loses $275k After Betting on Jorge Masvidal Against Colby Covington in UFC 272 Main Event

In recent weeks, the 6 God has become quite successful on sports bets and roulette, so he decided to place a big wager on UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal's highly anticipated grudge match against Colby Covington at UFC 272 in Las Vegas.

Despite Covington being the betting favorite due to his wrestling and stamina, Drake placed $275,000 on Masvidal to secure the upset - and a massive payday for him. In the end, Covington easily won by unanimous decision over Masvidal.

Covington began trash-talking Drake as soon as he heard about the bet. Covington decided to go after Drizzy’s “shitty music.”

“Let’s talk about all the money that Drake lost tonight,” Covington said. “He needs to go back to selling those shitty albums to get back the money. Drake, you suck at sports betting. Go back to your shitty little albums and rapping.”


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