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Drake's Custom Owl Ring Pays Tribute to His Son Adonis

Drake has some new bling on his finger, as well as a shoutout to his son.

Jeweler Alex Moss tells TMZ that Drake just finished a lucky No. 11 ring made of gold and diamonds.

Drake's No. 11 is significant; this is the date Drake's son Adonis was born, which is why the jeweler incorporated the date into the design.

As you can see, there's also owl imagery, the bird's wings wrapping around the ring. Drake uses the owl because his brand "OVO" resembles a face with an owl's eye.

Apparently, the bling cost $77,000... With 14 karat gold and natural diamonds weighing 15.7 carats, the bling weighs 83 grams.

The jeweler worked on the piece for about two months, for which Kai Bent-Lee, the restaurateur and son of Canadian celebrity chef Susur Lee, was responsible.

What a sweet gift!!!


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