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Druski Scared of Boxing Rick Ross After Witnessing His Punching Power

Despite not even trying, Rick Ross is consistently providing fans with hilarious content on social media. Biggest Bawse has been training in boxing lately, and judging by all the videos he's been sharing online, he's taking the sport in stride.

At Rozay's Atlanta, Georgia mansion on Sunday (March 20), comedian Druski initially challenged him to a boxing match. Rick Ross posted clips on his Instagram story showing Druski warming up while asking him if he was really up for a sparring session and telling his trainer to get him ready.

“You finna get him right and make sure he eligible cause the last two n-ggas you brought here, come on now, on the floor am I lying,” Ross said in the clip.

Durski began getting his hands taped up as Maybach Music Group boss roasted him for his gym attire.

“Aye boy, I just wanted you to know I’m a real n-gga, but you wear 2X I don’t know what size them is,” Ross said about Druksi’s bright yellow shorts. “That phone can’t even breathe. That phone can’t get reception that n-gga’s shorts so tight. That n-gga finna put Cricket out of business!”

Druski warmed up before changing his mind when he saw Richer Than I Ever Been rapper hitting the pads with his trainer. Ross's punches smacked against the trainer's padded hands and the comedian looked nervous.

“Them shits go off,” Druski said as he turned the camera to Rozay working up a sweat with a routine. “God damn, we ain’t sparring today. Aye, coach, we ain’t sparring.”

Ross asked Druski one more time if they were going to spar, and Druski said that he just tore his ACL, and that's keeping him from moving well.

“When I’m in it, I’m in it. When I’m not, I’m not,” Druski said.

Rick Ross showed off his boxing skills at Allmighty Athletics by posting videos on his Instagram story of him moving around with his trainer last year. He even hit his trainer in the lip with a punch that left him swollen.

“It should be somewhere in the back of your mind: ‘I want to swell the eye up or swell his lip up,'” Ross said in the clip. “Because he should want me, because that’s why I pay him — for him to teach me how to swell a lip up or an eye up. So your boxing trainer should be cool with you swelling his lip up.”

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