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Earthquake Gratefull For The Netflix Special 'Chappelle's Home Team' By Dave Chapelle

Earthquake, a stand-up comedian with more than 30 years of experience, says Dave Chappelle gave him his big break.

Earthquake spoke on "TMZ Live" about his upcoming special, "Legendary" ... part 1 of Dave's 4-part series, "Chappelle's Home Team." He told us, he's honored Dave "reach back" to give comedians like himself such a huge opportunity to reach a wider audience.

It's no secret that Dave sparked lots of controversy for Netflix last year after his special, "The Closer," pissed off LGBTQ+ groups and some Netflix employees.

Netflix is leveraging its relationship with Dave rather than shying away, benefiting Earthquake and other comedians. According to Earthquake, the whole thing started with a surprise call from Netflix execs, which he thought was a prank.

In addition to executive producing all of the comedians' shows and recording their intros, Chappelle will not be performing any stand-up specials. In addition, Earthquake provided us with some information regarding the other comedians who will be appearing.

In Chappelle's words, "Tune in the last day of Black History Month so we can make one last day of history.”


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