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Emilio Delgado, Who Played Luis on ‘Sesame Street’ Passes Away at 81

Fans are mourning the loss of longtime series star Emilio Delgado.

Carol, the actor's wife, confirmed the tragic news to TMZ on Thursday, just hours after he died in his New York City home surrounded by family members. Carol told the outlet that Delgado was diagnosed with blood cancer in December 2020 and had recently been in hospice care. Delgado was 81 years old.

In the late 1960s, the California-born, Mexico-raised actor began landing roles for various stage productions. Having joined Sesame Street in 1971, he played the Fix-It Shop owner Luis Rodriguez for 40 years. Delgado reportedly left the children's program in the 1980s, but returned within a year. He continued to star in the series until his contract expired in 2016.

Carol told TMZ that her husband was still working up until the pandemic, playing the lead in a theater production of Quixote Nuevo and securing voiceover gigs. His filmography also includes roles on TV shows such as House of Cards, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Lou Grant, Quincy M.E., Falcon Crest, and The Bravest Knight.


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