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Eminem's Super Bowl Halftime Performance makes Britney Spears Nostalgic: ‘I felt like I was 17 again

One complaint from the pop star? "He should have had way more time."

On Monday (Feb. 14), Britney Spears wasn't shy about expressing her appreciation for Eminem's performance at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show.

“Wow !!! @Eminem last night at the Super Bowl … he should have had way more time …,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a video of the rapper launching into his 2002 classic “Lose Yourself.” “He was everything to me when I was younger and it was so weird in the first two seconds I saw him on stage last night I felt like I was 17 again !!! It’s honestly kinda scary how certain artists and music can do that … we are so lucky to live in a world where music can give us hope … identity … acceptance …and love.”

A pasta emoji was included in the comments section of the pop icon's post, which read "Mom's spaghetti" with a message from her fiancé.

It's no surprise that Spears loves Eminem, but her love of hip-hop isn't her only connection to the epic show this year. On Sunday night, Mary J. Blige took the stage at SoFi Stadium with two of her smash hits before handing over the mic to co-headliner Kendrick Lamar. Twenty-one years ago, she performed "Walk This Way" with Aerosmith and *NSYNC at Super Bowl XXXV halftime show as a surprise guest.

In a video featuring an iconic track from Blackout, she teasingly teased that she could return to music. Then, a day later, she got vulnerable in an Instagram post that revealed, at one point, she was being treated for cancer without her knowledge.

Look how Britney gushes over Eminem below.


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