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Fan Accused Diddy of Running a Musical Prison Camp as 'Making the Band' Clips Go Viral

In an early 2000s MTV classic, Diddy searched for the next great Hip Hop group in Making the Band 2. After three seasons, Making the Band 3 and 4 followed, but each series held a special place in fans' hearts due to its memorable moments.

Clips from Making The Band 2 and 4 circulated online, and fans couldn't believe how wild the shows were, especially how Diddy directed the participants. In the first clip from MTB 4, Diddy had everyone line up on opposite sides to compete in a singing contest to see who wanted the opportunity more.

Diddy's cold gaze on the men made the clip so memorable because all the men were dressed in leisurewear and sang to each other with conviction. Social media users were quick to point out that Combs was doing too much with the battle.

“Diddy was really running musical prison camps on Making the Band,” one fan wrote while another said, “It’s the fact that Diddy made them line up and sing aggressively at each other that takes me out every time.”

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