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Fifty Cent responds to his Super Bowl fat-shamers with sweet merchandise

Those who hate 50 Cent think they can humiliate him? I think not!

The rapper has been mercilessly dragged with fat jokes and body-shaming bombs since Sunday, when he rocked the Super Bowl halftime show with an upside-down performance of "In Da Club" using the iconic stunt he debuted in the video for the smash hit in 2003.

Even though Fiddy was able to execute the feat almost two decades later, cyber critics and wannabe comedians focused on Fiddy's apparent weight gain.

A heckler tweeted, "50 cent got fat now he's worth a dollar!". The "Wanksta" rhymer was shown in a screenshot suspended in the air with the caption, "50 Cent out here looking like a fat bat.".

Trolls teased the rapper by backhanding him with the renowned "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" line from his love ballad "21 Questions."

But 50 is taking it all in stride.

Rather than retaliate against his rude weight watchers, the "Candy Shop" singer took advantage of the social media attention to promote his new line of G-Unit streetwear.

In the midst of the digital fat-shame rain, Fiddy plastered "Get your G-Unit Tank tops & Headbands Now" on Twitter. Additionally, the Queens native did his best to avoid controversy by sharing a meme that begged him and his halftime show co-stars, Dr. Dre, 56, Mary J. Blige, 51, Snoop Dogg, 50, Eminem, 49, and Kendrick Lamar, 34, to headline a joint tour.

Fiddy's online fans defended him against the chubby wisecracks while Fiddy made the most of the messy moment.

What is the psychological delusion that makes some people believe 50 Cent is fat? Fifty doesn't even interest me, but this is ridiculous," said an ally.

During the Super Bowl, people tried to clown 50 Cent.

Another person added, "I got fat knowing damn well most of them aren't in the same shape they were in 20 years ago either.".

50 Cent's representatives responded immediately to The Post's request for comment.


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