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Fivio Foreign Names His Picks On Who The Faces Of Modern-Day New York Rap Are

It is always a topic of discussion to speculate who the best rapper is right now in New York City. This debate gets even more heated when people start to consider who the real leaders of New York rap are.

On Akademik's podcast show, Off The Record, Fivio Foreign gave his picks for the five rappers who are the faces of the city. Fivi included himself without a doubt, but there was one questionable selection given the rapper just started blowing up.

“Me, Lil TJay, Kay Flock, Bobby [Shmurda], Rowdy [Rebel],” Fivio told Akademiks. “Kay Flock locked up, you know what I mean.”

The inclusion of Kay Flock on the list surprised Akademiks, but Fivio defended his peer and told him that his peers should be there.

“When he come home, he going to have to do the same thing I did,” Fivio added. “Now you gotta expand and make the global shit plus the core shit and just go viral. That’s how you gotta do it.”

Kay Flock, a social media personality, says that he can become a global star if he wins his ongoing murder case. Kay Flock had just begun to make a name for himself in the hip-hop scene when he was arrested on December 23 for the murder of Oscar Hernandez in front of a barbershop in Harlem, New York, the previous morning.

A statement from Kay Flock's attorney confirmed he was charged with the murder, but explained they would be conducting a private investigation after the NYPD allegedly received a tip that another individual was responsible.


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