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Freddie Gibbs Roasts Joe Rogan Over Past N-word Controversy: “you Can’t Say That Shit, Joe”

Freddie Gibbs is taking credit for saving Joe Rogan from getting beaten up for using the N-word. The Alfredo rapper was a guest on Monday's Kill Tony Show comedy podcast, where newbie comedians get a chance to try out new material. When Gibbs took the mic, Rogan was on the show as a panelist, but the Indiana lyricist still cracked a few jokes at Rogan's expense over the N-word controversy that plagued him earlier this year.

“The world is changing, shit. Joe Rogan said n-gga and shit,” Gibbs joked looking at Rogan.

“It’s been years,” Rogan replied, asking Gibbs to, “let it go.”

“Nah, n-gga that wasn’t years. That was days,” Gibbs said. “He said every n-gga in Philly look like a monkey. Joe, let me tell you something, n-gga. You lucky I got family in Philadelphia because they was coming there to fuck you up. I held all n-ggas back on behalf of Joe. Y’all give me a round of applause, n-gga.”

Gibbs added that Rogan, “better appreciate it,” saying that moving forward the podcast host has to “get the n-gga approval from the realest n-gga ever.”

The controversy began in February when R&B singer India.Arie posted a compilation video online of Joe Rogan dropping the N-word several times over the course of a decade on his show. Gibbs appeared as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience as Rogan faced backlash, and reminded him he couldn't say it.

“You can’t say that shit, Joe,” Gibbs said on the episode. “You pissed n-ggas off when you did that compilation. It was funny as fuck, though. I can’t even lie.”

“I don’t think you’re racist, my n-gga,” Freddie continued. “You my n-gga, I fuck with you. I never thought you was racist. I just thought you was saying some shit you shouldn’t have said and a lot of us n-ggas say some shit we shouldn’t say sometimes, but it is what it is.”

Check out Freddie Gibbs roasting Joe Rogan below.


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