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Freddie Gibbs Went on Joe Rogan's Podcast, Condemns Joe's Use of N-Word, But Says He Isn’t Racist

Joe Rogan was in serious trouble a few months ago after a compilation video went viral showing the podcast host using the N-word on various episodes. Freddie Gibbs and Brian Moses recently visited the Joe Rogan Experience, and while the rapper condemned Rogan for using the racial slur, Gibbs also said the comedian is not racist.

“You can’t say that shit, Joe,” Freddie said in the clip above. “’Cause you pissed n***as off when you did that compilation. It was funny as fuck, though. I can’t even lie.”

Gibbs went on to say that despite the compilation video being incorrect, Rogan just made a mistake.

“I don’t think you’re racist, my n***a,” Gibbs continued. “You my n***a, I fuck with you. I never thought you was a racist. I just thought you was saying some shit you shouldn’t have said and a lot of us n***as say some shit we shouldn’t say sometimes. It is what it is. … That’s the thing, I wanna tell white people right now, y’all just gotta let us have that. Like, just let us have ‘nigga.’ We got it. It’s one thing, y’all already human trafficked us over here. Let us have that.”


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