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GF Holly Sonders gets a red Ferrari for Valentine's Day from Oscar De La Hoya

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya surprised his girlfriend on Valentine's Day when he gave her a Ferrari!

According to TMZ Sports, Holly Sonders thought ODLH would blow off the special day with a TV show filming and a round of golf with the bros in return for a Hermes bag and a diamond bracelet.

Apparently, there was still one more gift on its way...and and when Oscar got home, he told Holly to go to the garage.

As the big finale was revealed, a red Ferrari SF90 Stradale was waiting for her -- with a bouquet of roses on top!

Take a look at the video ... Holly is clearly thrilled with the gesture... she records herself as she sits in her new whip.

Holly claims that the car is worth $1 million, but seeing her smile, how can that be? Simply priceless.


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