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GLC Shows Support to Kanye & Criticizes ‘Disheartening’ Media Attention: ‘We Should Lift Him Up’

GLC has posted an extended message in support of Ye, calling him a "hero" who has made "great contributions to humanity as a whole.".

On Sunday, the "Spaceship" and "Drive Slow" contributor referenced previously reported comments by Ye concerning children's use of TikTok and Kim Kardashian's relationship with SNL star Pete Davidson.

“[Ye] is the ultimate father,” GLC wrote alongside a photo of Ye and Kim's children. “He fights for the betterment of his children. I understand that we all have our vices & issues but would you like a dude in & out the rehab in the midst of your children? He aims to have his kids at church & form a relationship with God. He doesn’t want his little girl on social media with make-up on, singing about how she’s in love with an emo girl.”

Additionally, GLC referred to Ye as a "SuperDad" and criticized the ongoing news coverage, saying it's "Disheartening".

“The way he is being portrayed in the media is disheartening on many levels especially when it comes to our own people aiming to bring him down,” GLC said. “It makes me wonder would the headlines read the same if he wasn’t a Black Man in America?”

His message concluded by highlighting a number of endeavors that he believes "should be included" alongside recent news coverage.

“Ye is a hero, who has made great contributions to humanity as a whole,” he wrote. “We should lift him up in his time of need! He is my brother & I love him!”


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