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Grant Hill Reveals Fila GH2 “2Pac” Sneakers

Grant Hill's FILA signature shoe line was on par with any other top athlete in the mid-90s, and one of the biggest musicians at that time took notice. A flick through the CD booklet for Tupac Shakur's 1996 album 'All Eyez on Me' revealed an image of the rapper wearing a denim outfit, along with Grant Hill's most popular signature shoe, the "FILA Grant Hill 2".

Hill recalls sending Tupac some sneakers, but was never able to verify whether the pair he wore for the photo shoot was one of them. In any case, mutual admiration was evident between two of the biggest stars of that period, and the photo has become an iconic image in sneaker culture.

Grant Hill, a lifetime member of the FILA family and Basketball Hall of Famer, revealed a never-before-seen collaboration between GH2 Low and the Tupac Shakur estate during the Season 13 premiere of 'Full Size Run'. The white-based rendition features tan accent hits, including a bandana-printed interior. Tupac’s official logo adorns the straps that wrap around the heels and a replica version of his signature is printed along the side.

According to Hill, the Tupac x FILA Grant Hill 2 Low will release fall 2022.

Watch Grant Hill reveal the sneakers below. Grant Hill reveals the sneakers at the 02:32 mark.


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