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Hit-Boy Delves Into The “Death Row East” Bassline

Hit-Boy shares a clip of "Death Row East" creation, showcasing his ability to create a slick bassline on his keyboard.

When all the song-of-the-year lists begin to surface, don’t be surprised to see Nas and Hit-Boy‘s historical masterclass “Death Row East” as a recurring inclusion. Not only does it feature some incredible storytelling from Nas but it also included some equally strong and creative production from Hit-Boy.

Yesterday night, Hit-Boy took to Twitter to share an intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Death Row East,” showcasing his ability to create basslines live on his keyboard. “Coming up wit the bassline on “death row east” rip to Johnny j my main inspiration for this beat,” writes Hit-Boy, alongside the clip. For context, he’s referring to the late Johnny J of Death Row Records, who produced several beats on 2Pac‘s classic albums All Eyez On Me and Me Against The World.

Clearly, Nas and Hit-Boy were fully committed to the song’s concept, and it’s cool to see Hit draw influence from one of Death Row’s unsung production heroes. In the video, Hit can be seen jamming out to the track’s main loop, steadily working his way toward the final product. Though only a brief glimpse into his creative process, the fact that Hit-Boy is sitting behind a keyboard and actively constructing his beats from the ground-up goes to show how talented a producer he really is.

Check out the clip now, as shared on Hit-Boy’s Twitter, and be sure to revisit “Death Row East” while you’re at it. Do you think it’s safe to call the song one of the year’s best so far? For more from the producer, check out our own exclusive interview with Hit right here; while it took place late last year, there’s still plenty of insight about his process, with information on the making of King’s Disease and more


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