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How 2Pac Turned Down Jada Pinkett Marriage Proposal (Did She Lie About 2Pac Asking To Marry Her)

There is still a huge fascination and interest in Tupac's music, several decades after he was tragically gun downed in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996.

However, beyond music, there has always been a lot of interest in Pac's past relationships. In particular, is his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith.

During a 2018 interview with Big Boi

Jaden Smith shared information that surprised a lot of Pac fans.

“I’m looking at the picture right here of Tupac on the shirt right there, and Tupac asked to marry mom,” Jaden said. “And she was like, ‘Pac, we’re best friends.'”

Check out the clip below.

So Is that True did Tupac ask Jada for her hand in marriage and she declined. Let's take a closer look.

Let's read excerpts from 4 letters that may conclude that it was the other way around. That Jada asked Pac for his hand in marriage and he declined.

The first two excerpts will help us get a better understanding of Tupac's and Jada's relationship from both of their perspectives.

Jada Pinkett Letter To 2pac

The first excerpt comes from a letter that Jada sent Tupac while he was in prison on January 26 1995, which is the same year Jada started dating her now-husband, Will Smith.

The letter was coupled with three photos of a young Jada.

One of the photos that stand out is a provocative picture of her wearing a silk lingerie gown.

Also on the picture, Jada wrote a personal message to 2pac which reads:

"To my baby! Tupac Stay Strong! Never Think You're Alone! We are all here! J.P."

Inside the letter, Jada questions 2 Pac's relationship with Keshia Morris who he eventually married while in prison in 1995 but later divorced in 1996, a few months after his release.

Also In the letter, Jada reminds Pac of his self-worth and highlights and expresses the profound love she has for him.

Here is what the excerpt from the 1st letter says:

"I just finished talking to you about an hour ago! I decided to call Mommie because I was so emotional! Not in a bad way, but relieved to hear the life in your voice. I’ve been aching to hear that strong voice!

I’m not sending the letter about Keisha because it was irrelevant now that we talked! I still don’t feel she’s what you need right now, but for real, I’ve got to trust you!

If you feel her, something must be real!

You and I will never feel any of our partners are worthy of either of us, so it’s not for me for judge, really! I want someone to love you to the fullest! They have to love the man you truly are! She should praise you, adore you, worship you inside and out whether you’re right or wrong, pretty or ugly! You are the sun and the moon and should be treated accordingly!"

Read the full letter below:

2pac Letter To Sister Souljah

The 2nd excerpt comes from a letter that Tupac wrote In 1995 while serving time at the Clinton Correctional Facility. Tupac wrote the letter to community activist and book author Sister Souljah.

What stands out in this letter is a reference to a mystery woman who Pac references as Woman B. Pac expresses to Sister Soulja that Woman B is famous, rich and she knew him before he got into the music business. Pac also mentions in the letter that he views Woman B as a potential wife.

Could Women B be Jada?

Jada had a mildly successful film career in the mid-'90s and could have easily acquired the financial means that could have impressed 2pac to the point where he would have considered her to be rich.

Also During the 1980s, both Tupac and Jada attended The Baltimore School of Arts in Maryland and had been close friends ever since. which means Jada she knew Pac before he got into the music business.

Let's read the 2nd excerpt from Pac's letter to Sister Souljah.

"Okay there's that chapter where you were contemplating sharing this man with another woman. I'm in that position now.

I love one woman (A) because she's dependable, loving, supportive, and she's young and open to me guiding her through this crazy life (Who am I 2 guide?) Anyway, woman "A" is from the streets and that's all she knows but I can see and feel how much she loves me.

Woman "B" on the other hand is famous, rich, and able to assist me financially, loving, and very sexual. She's known me since before I got into the business and she's been there from the jump. However, she's bisexual and so into her career that we don't have much time together.

So I'm literally torn between an old friend who went from being of a platonic nature to a potential wife and a new friend who has been there through the whole gunshot/rape/near-death experience."

Read The Full Letter Below:

So what do you guys think? Is Tupac talking about Jada in his letter to sister Soulja?

Angela Ardis Letter To 2pac

The 3rd letter excerpt comes from a book called "Inside a Thug's Heart" by Angela Ardis

Based On a dare from her friends and co-workers, Angela Ardis wrote to Tupac in 1995 while he was serving time in the Clinton correctional facility in New York. After several days passed, Tupac surprised Angela By leaving a voice message on her answering machine.

The correspondence that followed consisted of notes, letters and poems that are all chronicled in Angela's book "Inside A Thug's heart."

Now let's read the letter excerpt from chapter 8 in Angela's book where she directly asked 2pac if he was marrying Jada.

"Oh, yeah. I was reading one of life's most infamous trash papers. So you and Jada are getting married, huh? Are you two having kids any time soon? It's trash, but it comes from somewhere. So, what's up with that? Is she the friend you were talking about? Care to share?"

Check out the letter below.

2pac Reveals Jada Pinkett Asked To Marry Him

The 4th and final excerpt which has Pac's response to Angela's letter can be found in chapter 9 of "inside a thug's heart" where Pac states that Jada asked to marry him and he declined.

"No, I am not marrying Jada. It was never an issue. Yes, she did ask me but it was more out of pity than real love. Don't get me wrong I do Love Jada but only as a friend. We've been through a lot together. No, I have never had physical relations with her just friendship in its purest form."

Check out the letter below.

Let's take a brief moment to recap

So what do you guys think?

Do you believe Jaden smith when he said 2pac asked to marry Jada and she declined?

Or Do you believe Tupac in his letter response to Angela Ardis? Where he claimed That Jada asked to marry him and he declined.

Or what about Pac's letter to sister Soulja? Do you think Women B who 2pac referenced in the letter is Jada?

And based on the letter except from Jada's letter to Pac, do you think 2pac and Jada's relationship traveled beyond the boundaries of platonic?

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