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India Royale Responds to Criticism on Lil Durk Saying Her ‘Body Count’ Influenced His Proposal

In response to criticism directed at Lil Durk over comments he made about her sexual history in an interview, India Royale spoke out.

Durk described himself as "petty as hell" when discussing relationships in an extended interview with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. The "body count" of India, with whom he is engaged, is of particular importance to Durk.

“I’m petty as hell,” Durk said, as seen in the clip below. “Like, if you fucked a lot of n***as and all that, I ain’t gonna wife you. But that’s me. ... But it’s, like, everything about her. Being real, not cheating, she ain’t been passed around. It was, like, her body count. That’s what really did it.”

As the clip gained traction, commentary began accumulating, with the general consensus being that one's sexual history should not be treated in this way. India has since responded, advising those who are concerned about her fiancé to procure their own.

“Idgaf what people think about my fiancé,” she said in one tweet. “That’s why he mine, get you one.”

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