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J. Cole Responds to Critics Who Say Colin Kaepernick Cannot Play in the NFL

Those who are familiar with J. Cole and his music know he'll stand up for what he believes in. Cole speaks up once again in defense of National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

In the off-season, there will be a deluge of articles and reports concerning the hottest free agents and the most scintillating rookies at the NFL from outlets that ignore the fact that Colin Kaepernick, the NFL's record rushing quarterback, still wants to play the game.

Taking a knee to protest police brutality, Kaepernick opted out of his 49ers contract in 2017 and became a free agent.

Cole retweeted a video from The Rich Eisen Show during which Eisen defended Colin Kaepernick, while also lambasting the NFL for its limp-wristed response to the clarion call for another chance for the former Pro Bowl quarterback. In response, one follower claimed Kaepernick wasn't fit to play.

J. Cole continued, “And, respectfully lil bro, how could you know what he has in him and what he doesn’t? And, respectfully, you’re 100% right about throwing against the wind and to ghost db’s. But always remember, he’s been doing that every day for 5 years, when the entire world was saying he had zero shot of ever playing again. Have you ever wanted something that bad?”

J. Cole then retweeted a segment in which Rich Eisen discussed Kaepernick, mentioning Pete Caroll, the Seattle Seahawks organization as well as the Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Buccaneers and Tom Brady.

“They gave us positive responses,” Kaepernick told reporters while working out in Seattle. “Trainers I’ve talked to, organizations that I’ve talked to, have said ‘You look good.’ My arm’s still alive, I’m still ready to go. More than anything, we’re looking to come in, put some work in and show everyone what I can do. More than anything, we want the opportunity to showcase where I’m at.”

Kaepernick has received support in various ways, including a name drop on Miguel's 2018 track “Come Through And Chill” where he rapped, “In case my lack of reply had you catchin’ them feelings Know you’ve been on my mind like Kaepernick kneelin’ Or police killings, or Trump sayin’ slick shit/Manipulatin’ poor white folks because they’re ig’nant.”

Cole announced his Dreamville Festival lineup earlier this month, which includes Lil' Baby, Lil' Wayne, Wale, Ari Lennox, T-Pain and many more. The event will take place April 2-3 at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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