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Jamie Foxx Reveals That He Was Once Dumped by a Girl for Taking Her to Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is best known for loud parties with messy crowds, rowdy car rallies, and graduation parties, but residents in Ontario know it isn't up to par with other sandy spots abroad.

On the Full Send podcast, actor Jamie Foxx talked about his many trips to Toronto over the years, recalling the time he was dumped for taking a girl to Wasaga for her birthday.

“My girlfriend broke up with me, it was a girl that I was dating in L.A., and I fucked up, it was her birthday,” Foxx told Mississauga-raised host Kyle Forgeard.

“[I was in] Toronto and she was in L.A., so I asked what I should do, and one of my dudes said, “You’ve got to take her to Wasaga Beach, bro.” I was like, “Babe, they’ve got a beach! They’ve got a beach out here!’”

The lady found Wasaga to be a disappointing birthday celebration venue.

“It didn’t look like this beach,” Foxx said in reference to an image of a California beach. “It was a little different, so my girl was like, “What in the blue fuck is going on?”

Although the woman was upset, Foxx said he enjoyed his stay at Wasaga. “I could understand how it’s a whole lot of fun. I had a good time, but she was like, “I ain’t with this shit. This doesn’t look like Malibu.’”

Fox continued by sharing some fond memories of Toronto, where he enjoyed the food and the rhythm of the city, especially in Yorkville.

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