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JID Links Up With Dr. Dre For Studio Session Ahead of His Upcoming 'The Forever Story' Album

The Forever Story has been anticipated by JID fans for years now.

The Dreamville faithful's fans got a glimpse at some potential greatness that might appear on the LP when Dr. Dre and JID were snapped working hard in the studio, renewing their hopes that another offering from Atlanta native will arrive later in 2022.

JID can be seen behind the boards tinkering with the levels while the West Coast rap icon can be seen laying vocals with headphones over his ears while sitting in front of the mic.

One of the pictures shows JID and Dr. Dre's names written across some of the studio's equipment, which probably made for an epic session for the Spillage Village member to soak up some greatness.

JID has been in the presence of Hip Hop legends before. The "Off Deez" rapper met up with Drake after manifesting meeting the 6 God in a 2019 tweet.

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