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Jim Jones Does Weather Report on FOX 5 New York News Channel

Weavahman Jim is back at work. The Harlem icon joined FOX5's Good Day New York on Monday morning (March 28) to provide a weather report on the frigid start to the last week in March in only the way he could.

“Did th weavah on @fox5ny #gooddaynewyorkfox5 bust th thermal (long john’s) on em lol #weavahmanjim I could use a full time job @fox5ny,” he wrote on Instagram.

In the clip, Jimmy calls NYC as still being in the 20's while even Miami remains in the 60's and that's supposed to be "beach weather." Jones also discusses the weekend weather forecast in the Big Apple, which will be around 55 degrees with no chance of rain.

“We looking like we in our fifth or sixth winter,” he said. “It’s pretty chilly. It’s supposed to be spring, but spring is out of here. New York City, you’re in the dubs. You’re in the 20’s. When you’re in the 20’s, you gotta drop down and get your eagle on.”

It's become expected in hip hop culture in recent years for fans to hear from Weavahman Jim whenever the weather in New York City is acting up.

Jones' appearance on FOX5 appears to have been in support of his Drip Report show, which returned to REVOLT earlier this month.

In addition to holding down side jobs, Jim Jones is still keeping busy in the studio. Last week, he teased a remix version of "We Set The Trends" with guest verses from Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne.

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