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Johnny Manziel Planning To Return To Texas A&M with Coaching Possibility

Johnny Manziel wants to return to where it all began, telling TMZ Sports he would like to return to the Texas A&M football program in some capacity.

During his time at College Station, Johnny Manziel became an instant legend ... including winning the Heisman Trophy and becoming a household name.

Johnny, who is set to play in Fan Controlled Football this season, says he misses the sport... though a return to the NFL is out of the question, he wants to find a way to keep involved.

"I don't think I'm the same player I used to be," Johnny tells us. "I think I still have flashes, but I'm looking at what's next in my life and I want sports and football to be something that is gonna be a mainstay in my life for a long time."

"Now, it's figuring out where exactly that's gonna be -- whether its continuing to work with the FCF or something I'm really interested in as well is going back to Texas A&M and being a part of my school, or the program or whatever it is."

In the FCF, Johnny brought up the idea of coaching, and now he wants to get back into it at A&M... and the possibilities are endless.

"I miss my school, I miss College Station, I miss the feeling of those great times that I got to have when I was in college, and our new athletic director at Texas A&M, Ross Bjork, is a beauty of an individual and an awesome person."

Manziel says he wants A&M to win championships and take the program to new heights, adding that the school is already on its way there.

The decision is now all up to Jimbo Fisher.

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