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Jorge Masvidal Offers Drake Free Dinner After Losing him $275k on a Bet

When it comes to gambling, Drake is known to throw around a few hefty wagers from time to time, whether it's on sports, in the casino, or online. At UFC 272, Drizzy lost $275,000 betting on Jorge Masvidal to defeat Colby Covington.

The 37-year-old Masvidal was a +250 underdog meaning the 6 God would've made about $687,000 if he won his rematch with Covington. The Miami native heard about Drake's bet on him and offered to pay for Drake's dinner next time the OVO boss visits Miami.

“Next time you are in Miami, dinner on me,” Masvidal wrote.

Masvidal was defeated by decision by Colby Covington throughout the five-round match. During his post-fight press conference, he addressed the 6 God's bad bet that was placed against him and made sure that it went public.

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