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Julia Fox Says Kanye’s Harmless, and Would Not Hurt Kim Kardashian or Pete Davidson

Even though Kanye West is still at odds with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson, which resulted in Ye being banned from Instagram temporarily, Kanye's ex Julia Fox doesn't believe he could actually hurt them and says his antics are just "artistic expression."

This week, TMZ caught up with the Uncut Gems star to hear what she thinks about Kanye's Instagram posts targeting "Skete" and Kardashian.

“No, no no no, Kanye’s harmless,” she said matter-of-factly. “I just think that’s his artistic creative expression. I know it’s aggressive, but I think if it really came down to it, I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly.”

Kanye West was banned for 24 hours by Instagram for violating their bullying and harassment policy by posting about Kim K, Pete Davidson, D.L. Hughley, Trevor Noah and more.


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