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Kanye West and Julia Fox have called it quits after less than two months of dating

Kanye West and Julia Fox have ended their romance ... wrapping up what was a fairly short-lived relationship that wasn't very serious.

"Julia and Kanye remain good friends and collaborators but they are no longer together," the rep for the actress tells TMZ. They had only been dating for a month and a half... quick and easy.

There is no word on exactly when they may have split, but it most likely was sometime between now and well over a week ago. Their last public appearance was during her birthday celebration at the beginning of February.

Interestingly, Julia doesn't seem upset at all about the situation. As a response, she posted since-deleted messages on Instagram saying, "No hard feelings!" The actress admitted she was never in love with Ye and that she was merely along for the ride in what was clearly a fling between them.

Additionally, she said when she started dating Kanye, she "came up" -- and she did. Throughout the past few weeks, she has been getting booked left and right, thanks to her celebrity status. Additionally, it sounds like she's going to give us an actual telling all, where she teases even more than she has. She also mentioned that Kanye gave her the opportunity to grow up, and she was right.

In Kanye's case, it's been reported that he's dating Chaney Jones who's no doubt a Kim K look-alike, which is why it's been so long since we've seen them together.

Kim is still on Kanye's mind, and he has expressed publicly on social media how much he wants Kim back.


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