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Kanye West Demands Address of the Person Who Leaked His Texts Between Pete Davidson

Kanye West spent much of his Sunday morning posting Instagram videos and photos condemning comedian D.L. Hughley, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian over custody of their four children, and accusing her new boyfriend Pete Davidson of bragging about sleeping with her.

Dave Sirus, a Saturday Night Live writer, allegedly leaked a text message between Ye and Davidson in which Davidson said he was "in bed" with Kardashian.

Kanye now wants Sirus' address. In reply to a screenshot of Sirus' Instagram, an unidentified person texted, “What's this guy's address?” The person answered, “I believe his real name is David Pollack not Sirus, originally from Atlantic City. Brooklyn! He lived in apartments his whole life with others!”

Kanye West and Pete Davidson's text exchange shows that Kardashian's new beau won't tolerate Ye's abuse any longer.

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