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Kanye West Recruits Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee as Head of Media and Partnerships

Kanye West has once again teamed up with Hollywood Unlocked's founder and CEO Jason Lee, but this time it's not for an interview.

According to Variety, Ye has named Lee as part of his expanding creative and management team. Lee conducted an extensive interview with Ye back in January. Lee will be the head of media and partnerships, and he officially announced his new position on Friday.

“I think after the interview on Hollywood Unlocked, it was clear that we had an aligned vision for leveling the playing field in media,” Lee said. “Ye voiced a vision for a company he was building, and that media was an arm of that, and he felt I could be an asset. … Ye is a genius — in tech with Stem Player, in product and fashion with Yeezy, Gap and Balenciaga, with Donda Academy and Donda Sports, and in all things culture. My goal is to amplify those stories and inspire the next generation with all that amazing work.”

Lee thanked Kanye for the opportunity in an Instagram post. “Those paying attention to the journey get it,” he wrote.

Lee previously worked behind the scenes with Kanye, consulting with the rapper in the lead-up to the release of his Donda 2 album via his Stem Player device. He also introduced Ye to the PR firm DKC, which now represents him. “I won’t publicly discuss his media strategy because that would be me controlling his narrative," Lee added. "I’m helping him to understand the media landscape and high-level brand strategy. There is a roadmap being developed that I think will shift his relationship with the press.”

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