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Kanye West's Meeting With Donald Trump in the White House Makes It Into Politics Textbooks

Kanye West has a huge influence on pop culture, and it's gotten to the point where he's crossing into the educational field. A random person on Twitter posted a picture of Ye in his textbook on Tuesday (March 15).

The picture featured in the book is from The Chicago rap legend's infamous visit to the White House in October of 2018. Kanye wore a red MAGA hat to the White House to talk to former President Donald Trump about community affairs and other things, but left his fans with a bitter taste in their mouth.

“Kanye is in my politics text book ….. greatest rapper of all time,” the fan wrote in the caption of their tweet.

A full page in the textbook references Kanye's statement about Hillary Clinton and not voting for her as a black man as an explanation for minorities picking sides in political races.

“Read the quote above from Kanye West in the Oval Office. What does this suggest about factors that affect voting behavior in the USA? How does this link to presidential powers of persuasion,”.

Kanye West landing in a textbook shouldn't be a surprise given all the pop culture moments he has provided in his career. These days, he's giving even more memorable moments with his ongoing beef with Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah, Instagram, and now being taken off of Coachella.

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