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Kevin Durant Says Watching Jeen-Yuhs Made Him Realize How Important Kanye West Is

Kanye West is a cultural icon and people will always have something to say about him, whether it is good or bad.

With his ascent to the top of the Hip Hop mountain, Kanye has garnered public attention over the years. Ye, full of confidence and self-belief, laid out a path he knew would lead him to the top, even if most people at the time did not take him seriously.

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant reflected on Kanye's journey and his Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs on a recent episode of his podcast The ETCs with Kevin Durant.

KD revealed two revelations that occurred to him after watching Coodie and Chike's three-part film, one of which was the role Kanye has played in his own success.

“Watching that doc made me realize how important Kanye is to my life,” he said. “His struggle of trying to get on and become a rapper, because he was known for making beats, but nobody took him seriously as a rapper and for him to go from that to where he is now, where so many people jumped on and understood where he was trying to go.”

In addition to referencing Kanye West's incredible ability to manifest everything he's wanted in life, Durant argued the Netflix documentary proves Ye has always been the way he is today.

“And then for him to predict all of the shit,” KD continued. “That’s really what that documentary was all about. He knew what he was about to do, and he was calling everything out.”

“It was just so profound, like to hear these conversations he’s having with him and his moms. I get it. I get why Kanye is the way that he is. We always talk about we want the old Kanye back; he was just like this too back then — ranting, real confident.”

Kanye West has been in the game for over twenty years, so some fans may have forgotten about his habit of going on rants and exuding impenetrable confidence. There's nothing new in what he's doing now, as it's just Kanye being Kanye.


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