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Kid Cudi Confirms 'A Kid Named Cudi' Is Coming to Streaming Services "Very Soon"

Kid Cudi's breakout mixtape A Kid Named Cudi was released in 2008, and it featured the singles "Day 'n' Nite" and "Man On The Moon", two songs that would launch Cudi's career. Additionally, the tape included fan favorites like "The Prayer" and "Cleveland Is The Reason."

In a tweet Cudi made, he said he was working to get the project streaming, but he later confirmed that A Kid Named Cudi would be released "very soon," along with a vinyl pressing. Cudi made the announcement during a performance on the app Encore, which he helped co-found, where he ran through tracks both new and old.

This announcement was made after Kanye West and Cudi made amends at the end of February after their Donda 2 and Pete Davidson-related fallout earlier in the month.

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