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Kid Cudi Set to Appear in Brittany Snow’s Directorial Debut Film ‘September 17th’

In an interview with Variety, Brittany Snow revealed that her co-star in X, Kid Cudi has joined the cast of her upcoming directorial debut film 'September 17th'.

“I can’t really speak to it too much, except that Scott’s doing a part in the movie, so that’s cool,” Snow shared.

Snow told Cudi about September 17th while they were filming X, but he wasn't offered a role at the time. “I couldn’t believe that she wanted me in it,” Cudi said. “She had told me about the movie while we were on set [for ‘X’], but she never asked me to be in it. I was like, ‘Maybe she’s waiting to see how [‘X’] turns out.’ It’s gonna be awesome. Really great script.”

According to Variety, September 17th was co-written by Snow and Becca Gleason (Summer '03), and revolves around a girl who has recently been released from rehab amid food and body image issues. In the aftermath of meeting a man, she struggles to navigate between unconditional love and a new addiction.

The Pitch Perfect star said that she observed X director, Ti West, a lot while filming and noted one of the most important things she learned from him was “the specificity of knowing the through line of what you want, and being really strong and clear in your convictions of it.”

“I like to play around on set, but it lends itself really nicely when you know that your director has a complete handle on exactly what they want,” she continued. “I hope I can live up to what everyone else has been doing.”

The film X, starring Snow, Cudi, Mia Goth, and Jenna Ortega, will be released on March 18.


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