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Kid Cudi to Write, Direct, & Star in Netflix’s 'Teddy' with Co-Producer Jay-Z

The X actor announced that he would direct his first feature film this year in a lengthy message shared with fans on Tuesday. Additionally, Cudi wrote and will star in Netflix's Teddy.

“If I could sum up what the movie is about in one sentence, id say this: It’s as if I took the song ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and wrote a movie about it,” Cudi said. “I added a lot of my own personal struggles and experiences in it, so this film is very close to my heart. I know, that deep down, this movie will help people in the same ways my music has. Im continuing my mission.”

The comedy is produced by a stacked team including Bron Studios and Cudi's Mad Solar, as well as the Harder They Fall trio of Jay-Z, Jeymes Samuel, and James Lassiter. Cudi says the story for Teddy first started coming together in 2013 and ranges in tone from "trippy" to "sad."

Fans of Cudi will know that the influential Man on the Moon artist was previously revealed to be working with Netflix on Entergalactic's animated series component. The album and the series were announced for 2022 in May, with Cudi later explaining that the "next level shit" takes time.

Cudi's fans have had a particularly generous few years, including those who were able to see Ti West's X for free this past weekend thanks to Cudi himself.


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