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King Von Brought Out a Flamethrower for 'Too Real' Music Video

"Too Real" is the latest video off King Von's posthumous album 'What It Means To Be King'. The video is directed by DrewFilmedIt, and features the artist throwing flames and flexing his jewelry.

The video and song serve as a direct response to NBA YoungBoy, who has been feuding with Von's OTF collective for weeks now. Von raps about how "rap beefs turn to homicide," and how he's ready to pull up at any moment, which coincidentally happens after YoungBoy insulted the late rapper.

YoungBoy apparently hoped his collab tape would dominate first week sales, however, Von's album moved 60-65K units its first week, which was more than double what BETTER THAN YOU moved, which was only 25-30k units. Both fans and OTF members clowned YoungBoy for his loss, with OTF Memo choosing to clown DaBaby as well.

“CAN’T BLAME DABABY HE THOUGHT THAT MAN WAS GONE SAVE HIS CAREER,” Memo tweeted out. On Instagram, DaBaby responded to Memo's comments, saying that he had no stake in the current feud between OTF and YoungBoy.

“@Kingvonfrmdao GOT my respect, he stood on business no excuses, it was just another n-gga there ready to stand on business to,” The “BOP” lyricist wrote.

“That’s how we living that’s what GANGSTA is ain’t it? But the rest of you hoe ass internet n-ggas tryna be cool off ANOTHER n-gga name…is some HOES!”

YoungBoy was rumored to be planning a new album to drop on the same day as Durkio's forthcoming record 7220, a challenge that Durkio welcomed on Instagram.

“I dare a n-gga drop on my date 3/11/22 but anyway von did 65k,” Durk wrote.


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