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LaKeith Stanfield Reveals Why He Loved Filming in Amsterdam for ‘Atlanta’ Season 3

With Atlanta's third season fast approaching, Lakeith Stanfield talked about what it's like to work overseas.

“We shot in Paris, Amsterdam, and London,” Stanfield told James Corden. “One of the best places for me was Amsterdam. I love being out there… experimenting with the experience in consciousness, seeing where you can go, experimenting with things there. It is much more liberally accepted in certain parts, so I loved that part. And we shot in the Red Light District, which was really interesting because there were people who—get this—live there. People live there.”

The Red Light District of Amsterdam is renowned for its prostitutes who stand in street-level windows and doors to attract customers. “I didn’t know people actually live there,” Stanfield continued. “There was this guy that lived above where we were shooting and he was kind of harassing us the whole time ‘cause he was trying to get in with the Red Light stuff and we’re like ‘No, we’re filming.’ So then he was like, ‘Oh ok, but I still wanna get in.’ And I’m like, ‘You can’t get in.’”

You can watch the entire interview above.


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