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LeBron James Speaks on Not Being Viewed as One of NBA's All-Time Best Scorers: 'It Pisses Me Off'

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the best players in NBA history. However, James believes that some people take his ability to score for granted.

As part of Uninterrupted's The Shop series, LeBron opened up about not being considered one of the greatest scorers the league has ever seen.

“When they talk about the best scorers of all time, they never mention my name,” James said at the 18:10 minute mark of the episode. “It pisses me off.”

LeBron went on to say that he prefers to get his teammates involved over being a score-first player.

“I’m not like a natural scorer,” James explained. “I love getting my guys involved, I’ve always been that way.”

Despite recent struggles, LeBron, in his 19th season, no less, is putting up 28.8 points per game, his highest point total since 2009–10.

James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in February for the most points scored in NBA history both during the regular season and the playoffs combined. Further, LeBron got there in 1,616 games, almost 200 fewer than Abdul-Jabbar needed.

As a result, the NBA's all-time record books only record regular season statistics, meaning LeBron is still about a season away from passing Kareem as the league's all-time points leader.


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