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Leonardo DiCaprio Donates to Humanitarian Groups That Are Helping Affected Ukrainians

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is supporting Ukraine from behind the scenes.

The 47-year-old Oscar winner contributed to several humanitarian groups helping Ukrainians affected by Russia's invasion of the neighboring European nation - the first major war in Europe in decades.

"Leo had privately made several donations to humanitarian groups — CARE, IRC, UNHCR and Save the Children. All directed at Ukraine," according to a source close to the actor. "He had been watching things unfold and wanted to support Ukraine the best he could. He will continue to support the humanitarian groups on the ground which are helping the people of Ukraine."

"He stands with Ukraine and will continue to support," the source adds.

As details of the fighting change by the day, hundreds of civilians, including children, have already been reported dead or wounded. According to the UN, more than a million Ukrainians have also fled.

Invasion orders from Russian President Vladimir Putin have prompted condemnation around the world and increased economic sanctions against Russia.

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