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“Let’s See Jordan Come Down To The Inner City" Tupac Criticized MJ In Resurfaced Mtv Interview

When he played for the Bulls, Michael Jordan reached a high level of celebrity. The NBA adored him, and he quickly became the fans' favorite star player. Six championships were won by the Chicago Bulls under his leadership in eight years.

Tupac did not seem to be a fan of MJ's style of inspiration and In 1992, Tupac criticized Michael Jordan in an interview with MTV. The late Tupac Shakur is remembered as one of the most influential rap artists of all time. Pac is still highly respected by many in the music industry because of the lasting impression his music made on the world.

The challenges Pac faced throughout his life were numerous. Yet he remained steadfast in his message and helped those who needed it. Similarly, Pac expected Jordan to act in the same way as he did.

May 22, 1993, Tupac with the band Slaughter at an AIDS charity fundraising event in Los Angeles.

Despite being so well known for his social activities, Tupac was always transparent. Tupac never held back when it came to speaking up for what he believed in. Pac said in an interview that Jordan only serves as an example of inspiration to kids who already have role models. However, kids who are struggling are ignored.

Pac said: “Let’s see Jordan come down to the inner city, just a parking lot, and just shoot ball with the kids. I bet you that would change their life. Instead of going to some suburban PAL unit, shooting ball with all the — excuse me, but the little white kids that always have heroes to shoot ball with.”

“They got dad to shoot ball with, grandpa to shoot ball with, uncles to shoot ball with, godfathers to shoot ball with, their friends, their neighbors to shoot ball with. Everybody got a basketball court in their neighborhood.”

Tupac may have spoken his mind, but Jordan has made significant contributions to society. In addition to making multiple million-dollar donations, MJ runs the Jordan Institute for Families in North Carolina. Michael Jordan also donated his entire 2001-2002 salary to various charities supporting 9/11 victims.

Read the full interview here.


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